Arlene Culpepper

Clayton Bigsby – The Blind Black White Supremacist

In Funny & Ironic Observations on January 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm

Clayton Bigsby - The Blind Black White Supremacist

Chappelle’s Show was a comedy skit show that ran for a short stint on Comedy Central.  His characters were absolutely brilliant.  From his hilarious portrayal of an 80’s era Rick James hopped up on coke to the basketball game Prince and Charlie Murphy played, his routines were some of the funniest ever seen anywhere and they were always on point.

One of the first characters to whom Chappelle’s Show introduced us was Clayton Bigsby, the blind black white supremacist.  That’s right, folks – the blind black white supremacist.  I will never forget the first time I saw that skit.  I nearly fell off of my friend’s sofa because I was laughing so hard.  Clayton Bigsby is the epitome of ignorant, backwards racists – particularly the kind we see so often down South.  He is also the epitome of those who pretend they are not racist, when all the while they may as well just be ranting as raving like a klansman.

Bigsby goes on inappropriate rants where he talks about black people “… breathing up all the white man’s air” and a host of other statements and phrases, that I will leave to the video to demonstrate.  The skit is so funny because of the irony involved, but I find it funny for a whole other reason – because it brings to light how truly ignorant some humans can be, when it comes to issues of race.

It goes without saying that if Bigsby’s character was white, nothing that came out of his mouth would be funny or amusing – but the vile words used by Bigsby in this skit can find their way toward humor – because it points out just how silly racism is as a policy.

Watch the skit and if you disagree, let me know.  I cannot see how anyone could see it otherwise, but after all – this is Louisiana.  It is just that this video makes racism so silly, how could anyone find themselves being that way?


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